Bien Air MCX LED

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Up to 40% shorter and 33% lighter. With adjustable LED light, it is the smallest and lightest brushless micromotor ever designed by Bien-Air. Use it with the new Micro-Series instruments for a micromotor/instrument assembly that’s even smaller than a turbine, guaranteeing unbeatable performance. With the MCX and Micro-Series you benefit from unprecedented grip and balance, guaranteeing more precise control and less fatigue at the end of the day. Thanks to its Smart Logic electronic control, power automatically adapts to variations in pressure. This means precise and constant power without the slightest jolt. Its lifetime-lubricated ball bearings make the MCX maintenance-free. 3 Years Warranty.

MCX without light 1600780-001
MCX LED 1600751-001

BienAir MCX Brochure

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MCX without light, MCX LED